Angular Product of 2016

I'm extremely honoured to receive the "Best Angular Product for Education" award for Ultimate Angular's online training courses. The award was issued on November 22nd, 2016 by ngPoland's "ng-awards" at the end of the conference, complete with glass trophy and framed certificate. Thank you so much.

Angular online training courses award for training

About Ultimate Angular

Founded with a simple vision of bringing the absolute best training in the Angular ecosystem to you. Ultimate Angular Limited is based in England, UK and trains thousands of developers globally through online course curriculum and in-person training.

Angular online training courses award for training

Todd has been working with Angular for over four years, writes technical articles about all things Angular and JavaScript his blog which receives over 3.5million hits a year, regularly speaks around Europe and the USA, has trained companies like Google, Virgin and other large teams.

The ethos and vision for Ultimate Angular is to not just show you how to write code, but enforce understanding - so you hit the ground running, but learn to walk first. We teach, but we focus strongly on ensuring you understand concepts and reinforce them throughout all training, be it through the online courses on in-person workshops.