Google Developer Expert

Todd Motto

Ultimate Angular was founded by Angular evangelist, senior JavaScript engineer and prior Developer Advocate, Todd Motto. What initially started as a side project is now the ultimate training resource to over 45,000 developers and teams.

Todd is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for both Angular and Web Technologies, and was one of the first to be invited by Google to the GDE Program back in 2014.

Todd has been working with Angular for over 5 years, writes technical posts on his personal blog, and he regularly talks at industry leading conferences on Angular and web. All his real-world experience and knowledge are baked into Ultimate Angular's training material.

Best Angular Product for Education 2016

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Why we exist

Our mission

Linear training to get you job-ready and highly proficient. Our goal is to bring you the most comprehensive training that's based off real world scenarios so you can fully master the technology.


Organised with specifically designed chapters and topics, we teach you the foundations you'll need, and gradually push harder.

Job ready

Our courses and trainings cover real use cases, comprehensive API examples and teach you all you need to level up with full understanding.


Become the expert at your own pace. After our courses you'll be fully proficient to take on your next engineering challenge.