Angular 1.x Fundamentals

Essential online training for getting started and actually building with Angular 1.x. Comprehensive, but linear.


Learn with Todd Motto, Google Developer Expert, global conference speaker, workshop trainer and creator of the Angular 1.x styleguide recognised by Google and used by companies such as the New York Public Library, Netflix and Ford Motors.


This online course offers industry leading fundamental training to getting started with Angular 1.x. You’ve got a good understanding of HTML and JavaScript and are ready to build your first Angular 1.x application and master the core APIs. You’ll be learning the essential concepts of Angular, understanding architecture and the patterns it promotes, as well as building an application after each chapter, alongside learning curriculum.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn how to think Angular, know Angular, and build Angular. After this fundamentals course, you’ll understand the necessary core principles of Angular 1.x. You’ll learn how to setup controllers, learn common “gotchas”, communicate with server APIs over HTTP, render data to a View, manipulate the DOM and build out custom events and components. More importantly, you’ll understand what you’re doing

For more on exactly what you’ll be learning, please check out the course curriculum - and some free previews.

Course Curriculum