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16 lessons

in 182 minutes

Online course with Todd Motto with Todd Motto

Todd is the owner and trainer at Ultimate Angular. JavaScript engineer and Google Developer Expert.

  • Course overview

    • Introduction
  • Understanding Angular

    • 21:00 Understanding the $digest cycle Free preview
    • 09:05 Diving into $digest and $apply
    • 08:28 $rootScope and $scope inheritance
  • Watchers, collections and async queues

    • 08:25 What creates a $$watcher
    • 15:15 $watch vs $watchCollection
    • 11:17 $applyAsync vs $evalAsync
  • Superfast ng-repeats

    • 13:18 Superfast renders with batching Free preview
    • 07:53 Performance repeat filtering
    • 12:42 Track-by expressions for minimal repaints
  • Native Angular performance tuning

    • 07:18 ng-if versus ng-show
    • 12:08 $digest control with ngModelOptions
    • 05:11 Limiting template expressions
    • 05:00 Batching $http into single $digests Free preview
  • Tips and tricks

    • 13:44 Running DI strict mode
    • 08:42 Disabling hidden .data() and DOM mutation
    • 12:40 Avoid memory leaks with $destroy


Learn with Todd Motto, Google Developer Expert, global conference speaker, workshop trainer and creator of the AngularJS styleguide recognised by Google and used by companies such as the New York Public Library, Netflix and Ford Motors.


If you need to cover the fundamentals or advanced topics, APIs and concepts first, please check out the 1.x course bundle. This course dives into the how Angular actually works through deep source code walk-throughs so you actually understand the benefits to these performance techniques. Get ready to understand the $digest cycle, $$watchers, async queues and much more.

We’ll be implementing and understanding ways to make AngularJS apps extremely fast, as well as diving through the source code to understand why our apps will be fast - and not just how.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn the deep depths of the AngularJS core, and how, where and why things happen. After that you’ll learn a tonne of performance techniques, how to avoid bottlenecks through Chrome console debugging, profiling and memory leak , general good practices, tips and tricks.

We’ll also be addressing the biggest offender of slow applications, the ng-repeat directive. And you’ll learn how to render over 2,000 items instantly with Array chunking and batch-rendering techniques. Dive in and start speeding your applications up the right way.

For more on exactly what you’ll be learning, please check out the course curriculum - and some free previews.

I just got accepted for my first dev job a week ago. I'm not sure I'd have made it without learning from your videos, I still have a lot to learn but I passed the interview and my chances would have been a lot slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

Mateusz Sapielak

Front-end Engineer

Hands down the best courses available for Angular. Just follow along and you will fall in love with Angular. What were once daunting concepts are not scary anymore, all thanks to Todd. Highly recommended.

Vatsal Pande

Full-stack Engineer

I was amazed with the deeply detailed content in his videos and you realise you were just touching the surface of Angular before. I highly recommend Todd to learn how Angular works and feel his passion doing professional videos. You don’t know Angular until you finish Todd's courses!

David Pich

Founder, AngularCamp

Todd is synonymous with excellence at a global level. His articles on Angular are some of the most comprehensive and well written on the internet. He's also always up-to-date and always knows exactly what new topic to create a solid course on, or blog about to help the community understand Angular very well.

Sani Yusuf

Founder, Haibrid

Recently ran through these videos and they are legit. If you're completely new to JavaScript, I wouldn't start here to learn Angular, but that's probably my favorite part about them. The beginner vids are Angular beginner, not coding/js beginner, so it doesn't waste time dumbing things down.

Noah Rodenbeek

JavaScript, Angular engineer

Todd's Angular videos are comprehensive, super clear, easy to understand and go through all the topics you need to start writing Angular applications right away - love them. A great choice to get started learning Angular. And that awesome British accent just kicks it up a notch, hehe.

Jaime González

Engineer at Google

Todd is quite simply the best Angular instructor there is. The knowledge he has is unprecedented and he is well respected by his peers in the industry. The best thing about Todd is that he breaks down the content so that everyone is able to easily understand it. Most of all, his courses cover everything you need to know on how to build first-class Angular applications. I would recommend this to anyone, without a doubt!

Sebastien Pelletier

Tech Lead, iBwave

Todd has a knack for understanding where the learning bottleneck occurs when it comes to complex front end development topics. He helps people bust through this complexity by synthesizing information into approachable, easy-to-understand instructions. If you want to finally understand Angular (and JavaScript), I highly recommend you take his courses.

Ryan Chenkie

Product Owner, Auth0