Learn with Todd Motto, Google Developer Expert, global conference speaker, workshop trainer and creator of the AngularJS styleguide recognised by Google and used by companies such as the New York Public Library, Netflix and Ford Motors.


If you need to cover the fundamentals or advanced topics, APIs and concepts first, please check out the 1.x course bundle. This course dives into the how Angular actually works through deep source code walk-throughs so you actually understand the benefits to these performance techniques. Get ready to understand the $digest cycle, $$watchers, async queues and much more.

We’ll be implementing and understanding ways to make AngularJS apps extremely fast, as well as diving through the source code to understand why our apps will be fast - and not just how.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn the deep depths of the AngularJS core, and how, where and why things happen. After that you’ll learn a tonne of performance techniques, how to avoid bottlenecks through Chrome console debugging, profiling and memory leak , general good practices, tips and tricks.

We’ll also be addressing the biggest offender of slow applications, the ng-repeat directive. And you’ll learn how to render over 2,000 items instantly with Array chunking and batch-rendering techniques. Dive in and start speeding your applications up the right way.

For more on exactly what you’ll be learning, please check out the course curriculum - and some free previews.