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59 lessons

in 306 minutes

Online course with Todd Motto with Todd Motto

Todd is the owner and trainer at Ultimate Angular. JavaScript engineer and Google Developer Expert.

  • Architecture, setup, source files

    • 04:54 Angular Architecture overview
    • Setup instructions
    • Source files
  • ES5 to ES6 and TypeScript refresher

    • Refresher video overview
    • 10:24 Classes, Spread operator, Arrow functions, Immutability
    • 02:33 Understanding import and exports
  • Getting started

    • 01:35 Installing our project
    • 06:45 First component with @Component Free preview
    • 05:33 Root module with @NgModule
    • 02:33 Bootstrapping Angular
  • Template fundamentals

    • 03:28 Interpolation and expressions
    • 05:27 Property binding
    • 06:07 Event binding
    • 04:39 Two-way binding
    • 02:28 Template #ref variables
  • Rendering flows

    • 06:11 ngIf, * syntax and <template> Free preview
    • 07:42 ngFor and iterating collections
    • 05:47 ngClass and className bindings
    • 03:28 ngStyle and style bindings
    • 08:08 Pipes for data transformation
    • 05:23 Safe navigation operator
  • Component Architecture and Feature Modules

    • 01:41 Smart and dumb components overview
    • 03:30 One-way dataflow overview
    • 04:07 Feature modules with @NgModule
    • 11:12 Creating a container (smart) component
    • 02:51 ngOnInit lifecycle hook
    • 06:22 Presentational (dumb) components
    • 06:27 Passing data into components with @Input Free preview
    • 05:29 Dynamic @Input values with *ngFor
    • 15:58 Emitting changes with @Output and EventEmitter
    • 06:21 Immutable state changes
    • 07:06 ngOnChanges lifecycle hook
  • Services, Http and Observables

    • 08:18 Data Services and Dependency Injection
    • 04:13 Understanding @Injectable
    • 09:13 Http data fetching with Observables Free preview
    • 08:13 Http put, delete with immutable state
    • 02:26 Custom Headers and RequestOptions
    • 02:25 Http Promises alternative
    • 01:58 Observable.throw error handling
  • Template-driven Forms, Inputs and Validation

    • 08:57 Forms container component
    • 08:03 Form stateless component
    • 06:37 ngForm and ngModel
    • 08:26 Binding to radio buttons
    • 02:06 Binding to checkboxes
    • 09:59 <select> option rendering, and ngValue Free preview
    • 09:55 Form validation and error states
    • 01:51 Dynamically disabling submit
    • 07:13 ngSubmit and stateless @Output Free preview
  • Component Routing

    • 01:03 Base href and RouterModule
    • 05:08 Root module routes and outlet
    • 02:00 Wildcard routes for 404 handling
    • 02:13 Understanding routerLink
    • 04:48 Styling active routes
    • 03:29 Dynamic navigation with ngFor
    • 04:02 Feature-module routes with forChild()
    • 03:01 Child and dynamic routes
    • 05:41 Route params, data-fetching with switchMap Free preview
    • 07:36 Imperative routing API
    • 02:00 Hash location strategy
    • 00:56 Applying redirects


Learn with Todd Motto, Google Developer Expert, global conference speaker, workshop trainer and creator of the AngularJS styleguide recognised by Google and used by companies such as the New York Public Library, Netflix and Ford Motors.


This essential fundamental training course will teach you how to understand and get you building with Angular, within minutes. Every lesson is broken down into approachable, step-by-step exercises that demonstrate the core concepts of Angular and how to apply them. After this course you’ll be primed with the fundamental knowledge that will allow you to kickstart real world Angular development.

All Angular code in the course is written in TypeScript, so if you’re new to TypeScript - this course will ease you in very gently.

What you’ll learn

Not only will you learn Angular, you’ll understand it, the underlying patterns, core APIs, syntaxes and concepts that drive the framework. You’ll also learn component architecture and how to apply container (stateful) and presentational (stateless) components, alongside one-way dataflow practices. You’ll also be primed with the knowledge of component lifecycle events, how to create data service layers and render data dynamically from the server using HTTP methods. What’s also included is routing to components, creating feature modules and understanding how to create forms.

For more on exactly what you’ll be learning, please check out the course curriculum - and some free previews.

Todd was born with empathy and a gift for people who are born not knowing this stuff. He's not preaching from the mountaintop, he's down in the trenches, easing our path. I should know this stuff, but countless times I've run across his blog posts and been amazed at how much I learned. In his videos, he condenses his hard-earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process. You can feel that he genuinely wants you to learn, and that makes all the difference.

Sharon DiOrio

Lead UI Engineer, Angular GDE

You truly have a gift. Learned a lot from your blog posts/tweets but hadn't taken your courses until now. Thought I knew Angular 2 basics, but 20 minutes into your videos and I wish I'd taken your course from the start! It's amazing. So clear and simple how you explain things, and how much I've learned and understood in such a short amount of time is unreal! No doubts this is the best possible material on the subject.

Christian Eckenrode

Full Stack Web Developer

Todd is an educator of the highest order. Very few teachers can break down Angular development concepts into such a digestable way. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, you will learn techniques from Todd that will be vital to your daily development. If you want to know Angular, take Todd's courses.

Chris Sevilleja


Absolutely fantastic course. Thank you so much for taking the time to pull this together. Self-paced, that goes through one built out solution from beginning to end to explain concepts clearly and concisely. Absolutely fantastic resource to learn the basics of Angular 2. Thank you Todd!

Jacob Cheriathundam

Development Architect

Please keep teaching! Really solid material in here, Todd explains everything really clearly. One big plus from the courses is that you don't build the typical todo list application through the course.

Alejandro Nanez

Senior Front End Engineer

Developers like me are starving for the knowledge you just served up in your new Angular 2 course. I've spent over $1,500 dollars in the last 7 months (over 10 classes and weeks of time) trying to learn what you gave me in a single course. Don’t change the style on any of that, absolutely spot on.

Chris Milford

Tech Lead, Tata Consultancy Services

Todd is by far the best Angular master I've ever seen. The way Todd structures his courses, the quality and the way he explains them make the courses really incredible. He has given me the tools and knowledge necessary to build and maintain complex and professional Angular applications.

Juan Henriquez

JavaScript Engineer

An impressive instructor with great ability to communicate his knowledge. Updated and quality content. Unbeatable support. Totally recommended!

Francisco Reyes

Fullstack Engineer