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Learn with Todd Motto, Google Developer Expert, global conference speaker, workshop trainer and creator of the AngularJS styleguide recognised by Google and used by companies such as the New York Public Library, Netflix and Ford Motors.


Get ready to dive deep. This online Angular Pro course will show you how to go beyond the core concepts of Angular, and harness the power that the framework provides by building out our own complex components and directives, whilst looking at new features such as Ahead-of-Time compiling, for superfast apps.

This course will guide you through the depths of Angular, split into sections dedicated for specific learning chapters. Once you’re primed with knowledge to build even more advanced Angular, we’re going to build an application end-to-end, with user authentication, and deploy it.

All Angular code in the course is written in TypeScript.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to use Angular to solve complex scenarios that exist when writing large, non-trivial applications that need to be totally performant and stable. We will walk through use cases as we use Angular to tackle these scenarios as we not only talk about what we are doing but the underlying reasoning behind the techniques. To get a complete picture of what we will be covering, check out the course outline for each video.

Please note: The course video list may be subject to slight changes until produced, but is a very solid representation of what’s coming.

Course Curriculum