AngularJS Performance

Online course with Todd Motto with Todd Motto

16 lessons

3 hours

AngularJS: 1.5.x

Performance tuning for fast AngularJS apps. Learn how to write highly performant AngularJS apps master the internal workings of Angular.

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A fast track to becoming a super solid Angular developer. Detailed, easy to understand, brilliant!

Mag Leahy

JavaScript Developer

I've followed other beginner courses of AngularJS before this one, but Ultimate Angular is way ahead and incomparable. I highly recommend it for simple reasons: clear explainations, easy to understand for a quick learning, excellent support from Todd and the Slack community, fantastic value for money.

Fabrizio Masini

JavaScript Developer

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  • Course overview

    • Introduction Readme

  • Understanding Angular

    • Understanding the $digest cycle 21:00

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    • Diving into $digest and $apply 09:05

    • $rootScope and $scope inheritance 08:28

  • Watchers, collections and async queues

    • What creates a $$watcher 08:25

    • $watch vs $watchCollection 15:15

    • $applyAsync vs $evalAsync 11:17

  • Superfast ng-repeats

    • Superfast renders with batching 13:18

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    • Performance repeat filtering 07:53

    • Track-by expressions for minimal repaints 12:42

  • Native Angular performance tuning

    • ng-if versus ng-show 07:18

    • $digest control with ngModelOptions 12:08

    • Limiting template expressions 05:11

    • Batching $http into single $digests 05:00

      Free preview
  • Tips and tricks

    • Running DI strict mode 13:44

    • Disabling hidden .data() and DOM mutation 08:42

    • Avoid memory leaks with $destroy 12:40


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