AngularJS Performance

Performance tuning for fast AngularJS. Master the internal workings and build blazing fast apps.




16 lessons, 3 hours

What you’ll learn

Learn how to write highly performant AngularJS apps and master the internal workings of Angular. From common performance bottlenecks through to understanding the $digest cycle, $$watchers, supercharge your ng-repeats and async queues to gain massive performance.

Superfast renders with batching 13:18

Todd Motto

Google Developer ExpertGoogle Developer Expert


  • AngularJS knowledge
  • Desire to build fast AngularJS apps

This course is the best resource for learning Angular, Todd teaches everything with all necessary details and with great examples. The Angular Pro course is incredible.

Victor Hazbun

CEO, CryptoLancerIO

Fantastic courses explained incredibly well. Very easy to follow and understand concepts. 10/10.

Nicolas Telfer


Absolutely fantastic courses. Self-paced, comprehensive, real examples from beginning to end, clear and concisely brilliant.

Jacob Cheriathundam

Development Architect, AccountsPro

These courses were able to boost my skills very quickly, answered my questions, helped me learn fast. Todd is here to teach the best practices!

Thibault Vieux

JavaScript Developer

Absolutely love these courses. Moving straight onto the Angular Pro course before getting started on my first full Angular project. Would recommend to any and all!

Simon M Lewis

JavaScript Engineer, Contract

Todd is an excellent instructor. It's the real ultimate guide to Angular! I highly recommend it. Thank you for all your contributions to the Angular community.

Sherry List

JavaScript, WomenTechMakers

Here’s what's covered…

Everything you need, structured and ready to go

Course overview (1 lessons)

  • Source code


Understanding Angular (3 lessons)

  • Understanding the $digest cycle

    Free preview 21:00
  • Diving into $digest and $apply

  • $rootScope and $scope inheritance


Watchers, collections and async queues (3 lessons)

  • What creates a $$watcher

  • $watch vs $watchCollection

  • $applyAsync vs $evalAsync


Superfast ng-repeats (3 lessons)

  • Superfast renders with batching

    Free preview 13:18
  • Performance repeat filtering

  • Track-by expressions for minimal repaints


Native Angular performance tuning (4 lessons)

  • ng-if versus ng-show

  • $digest control with ngModelOptions

  • Limiting template expressions

  • Batching $http into single $digests

    Free preview 05:00

Tips and tricks (3 lessons)

  • Running DI strict mode

  • Disabling hidden .data() and DOM mutation

  • Avoid memory leaks with $destroy

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