How do team licenses work?

Purchase the license size suitable for your team and send an email to with a list of users you’d like to have access to your team license - accounts will be created for you based off this list of users with the identical course access. Alternatively - your team can share the same account credentials you created during the initial purchase, which may be easier for smaller teams.

Can I share my course with someone else or a team member?

Please see the licensing agreement that you agree to by using Ultimate Angular. Whilst there is technically nothing stopping you from sharing your login credentials with anybody, this would be a violation of the licensing agreement. Your course is licensed directly to you, or team/company, and you will be responsible for adhering to the licensing agreement and be responsible for any copyright infringement that we may act upon. Our platform does monitor user access and abuse of this may lead to suspension of your account and potential further actions taken as per the licensing agreement.

How many users does a team license cover?

First, read our licensing agreement. Our team licenses cover small, medium, large, and larger! Choose the size of the team that’s right for you on each course’s page. We offer a scaled approach to team licensing, making the training investment more suitable the bigger your team grows (i.e., the more in the team, the less the cost per unit). If you need a license for more than 50 developers, let us know via via email and we’ll whip up a custom quote for you.

Accounts and Invoices

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you’ll automatically be sent one upon checkout. If you need an invoice amending please reach out to us via and we’ll send one back typically within 24 hours.

Payment options aren't available in my country, help!

Drop us an email to us and let’s sort something out to get you access to your courses!

Can I pay the difference to upgrade to the combined package?

Yes. We will honour combined packages discount should you wish to purchase another course. You’ll need to get in touch with us via the email linked to your account.

Teams and Discounts

Student discount?

Yes! Drop us an email from your student email account (please include the course/bundle name) and we’ll send you the a coupon:

I've bought courses from you before, can I get a discount?

Absolutely, we love that you’ve chosen to learn with us - drop us an email and we’ll generate you a coupon. Please include your initial order number and we’ll send you one.

Can I get a discount for multiple courses?

If you’re purchasing (for example) the bundle, and would also like the performance course, we are happy to offer a discount, drop an email to for a coupon.

I have a poor exchange rate in USD, can I get a fair discount?

We appreciate that many countries around the world are not equal in currency value (Argentina/Brazil/India/many more), so drop us an email and we can arrange a discount to make it fair for where you live.

Online Courses

My course I ordered still hasn't been released, when can I expect it?

All dates for discounted preorders are not “exact” final release dates, please do not expect them to be - we are all human at the end of the day and we give you our best estimate as to when we think they will be completed by. We offer a lower price and love the support of early backers, and a lot of passion, love, and attention goes into the courses for you. Please be patient, Ultimate Angular is about the best quality education and we stand by our ethos to deliver that - whether it takes an extra week or two to fully ship your course(s) to you.

Which courses are available now, which are preorder?

Check each course for the full suite of courses. Any marked “Preorder” are currently being built, those that are marked “New” are fully available to learn from right now.

Will videos for preordered courses be incrementally release?

They will be dripped (which means we build, record, produce and ship to you once ready). This means you can tackle new sections of videos as we build them out. Courses that suggest a date for finalisation will be the fully finished products. You will have access to each new video section after we complete them, so it’s likely each week you’ll receive many more videos to learn and build from.

Are these the same as Todd's other courses?

Yes, they’re the same courses as, the user accounts are being migrated, you’ll automatically receive new account details. After this transition, the domain will be deprecated in favour of going forward.

I'm on Todd's courses subdomain, what happens now?

There are around 2,500 accounts that need migrating. We’re working on this right now, you’ll receive a new welcome email in the near future once we’ve completed the migration. Then the subdomain will be discontinued.

Do I need Angular 1.x knowledge for the Angular 2 courses?

Not at all, we teach it all from scratch as if you’ve never touched Angular 2 before. Reach out for us for any further clarifications!

What happens with course updates?

Our promise to you is keeping everything up-to-date with future Angular and TypeScript releases. Substantial changes that you’ll need to keep building the latest Angular and/or TypeScript applications will be worked into existing courses and republished. Any updates that are made, you will receive automatic content updates and an email letting you know what’s changed. We have been working extremely hard to continue researching, learning and building any new videos for you so we can bring you the latest and greatest.

What is the format of each video?

Each video assumes no prior knowledge to the concepts, to ensure you understand everything to the fullest. We’ll be live coding from scratch, and building as we go - simultaneously explaining each step and the concepts behind it. There are isolated concepts we’ll focus on, and then show real-world examples to using them, complete with full code reviews to ensure you master each step. You’ll be listening, watching code evolve, learning and coding challenges yourself - and be presented with a solution and explanation.

Can I access my courses forever? Are they available offline?

Once you’ve purchased, the course is licensed to you forever. This means lifetime updates for you, always, and free of charge. It’s a one-time purchase with unlimited updates from us, so you can rest assured you’re always getting the latest and greatest. You’ll also be able to download the entire video collection for offline viewing as well.

I'm already pretty good at Angular, are these courses still beneficial?

We are fully confident that you will learn a huge amount regardless of your skill level, the courses do not just cover “how” to approach developing Angular applications, but also the “why” and how to connect the dots between specific APIs and internal workings, as well as architectural decisions and project structure. We teach workshops around London, Europe and the USA and have always received fantastic feedback from attendees learning so much more.

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

We are extremely confident you’ll love the courses and we want to make sure you get real value out of Ultimate Angular, which means you are absolutely thrilled! If you aren’t satisfied or it’s not your style, please get in touch within 10 days with your email address assigned to the account. We’ll send you a feedback form to complete so we can learn from your experience, and issue a refund. Please note that course downloads are tracked against your user credentials, therefore physically downloading course videos during the 10 days will result in you not being able to get refunded because you will own a local copy of the content. For the first 10 days, please use the online video streamer to evaluate the course. If you have completed more than 50% of a course, we reserve the right to decline a refund. Please see the licensing agreement for further information.


Is there a Slack channel I can join?

Yes, come and join us and hundreds of others in the official Ultimate Angular Slack.

What about audio and video quality?

Audio quality has been a focus for all courses you’ll find here - try some of the free sample videos on each course page to check them out. They’re recorded with professional equipment and you’ll be able to stream them at 1080p (HD), as well as download them for offline viewing.

What prerequisites are there before learning Angular?

It’s recommended that you’re able to write and understand your own HTML, have some basic knowledge on how to manipulate the DOM, along with some JavaScript knowledge, that includes using XMLHttpRequest (Ajax) and basic practices.

Are courses DRM free?

Yes they are and always will be.