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NGRX Store + Effects

Online course with Todd Motto with Todd Motto

Master effective and scalable state management for your Angular apps. Learn reactive state management inspired by Redux, powered by RxJS. Complete coverage from actions, reducers and effects, through component architecture, to route guards, lazy loading, feature modules and selectors. All wrapped into a real-world app.


Our Angular docs writers use Ultimate Angular as I couldn’t think of training I trust more to be accurate and promote best practices.

Jules Kremer

Angular Developer Relations, Google

Todd's Angular courses are one of the best online training classes that can be found. His style and structure are very easy to follow. Todd's courses are always top notch and worth every penny!

John Oswalt

Technical Expert for Walmart Technology

Ultimate Angular definitely gives you an edge. Short bursts of knowledge that provide you a way to step up your game. From the start of the fundamental course, I've been flooded with moments of clarity. I knew that I had gone from applying something to actually understanding what I was doing. That's a drastic difference.

Simon Dufour

JavaScript Developer

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  • Overview, setup and source files

    • Setup instructions Readme

    • Source files Readme

  • Redux Architecture

    • Introduction on State Management 05:26

    • Redux: Three Principles 05:51

    • Redux: Core Concepts 13:16

    • Immutable and Mutable JavaScript 11:26

  • Writing our own Redux Store

    • Setup instructions Readme

    • Project walkthrough and installation 04:01

    • Store creation and initial State 08:06

    • Dispatching Actions 05:35

    • All about Reducers 16:39

    • Store Subscriptions 09:30

    • Actions to Action Creators 14:11

  • From local state, to @ngrx/store

    • Project install and setup Coming soon

    • What is Component state? Coming soon

    • Moving away from Component state Coming soon

    • Store setup and modules Coming soon

    • forRoot and forFeature lazy-loading Coming soon

    • Composing and registering Reducers with the Store Coming soon

    • Reading values from the Store Coming soon

  • Reactive architecture

    • ngrx/store and Component architecture Coming soon

    • Mapping Store state to Component inputs using the AsyncPipe Coming soon

    • Immutable state and OnPush change detection Coming soon

    • Creating reusable Selector functions for reading state Coming soon

  • Computing state with Reducers

    • Immutable state Coming soon

    • Reducers as pure functions Coming soon

    • Applying updates to state using our Reducers Coming soon

    • Testing Reducer functions Coming soon

  • Modelling events as Actions

    • Defining Actions Coming soon

    • Action class creators Coming soon

    • Dispatching actions to the Store Coming soon

    • Triggering Reducer functions to recompute state Coming soon

  • Side effects with @ngrx/effects

    • Introducing @ngrx/effects Coming soon

    • Integrating Services within effects Coming soon

    • Isolate side effects from Components Coming soon

    • Mapping Actions to other Actions Coming soon

    • @Effect decorator's dispatch property Coming soon

    • Testing side effects Coming soon

  • Performance, Developer Experience, Debugging

    • Preloading Store with route guards Coming soon

    • Debugging with @ngrx/store-devtools Coming soon

    • Combine ngrx with Redux devtools Coming soon

    • Time-travel debugging Coming soon


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