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Todd brings a unique level of enthusiasm, activity and expertise to the Angular community. I love seeing all the things he creates for us!

Brad Green

Angular Product Manager, Google

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide for learning Angular, you'll find no better resource than Ultimate Angular.

David East

Engineer, Firebase / AngularFire2 Author

Todd's articles and work lead the way in the Angular world, so much so he's become a regular feature in our JavaScript Weekly newsletters. We've also worked together on a very successful live Angular performance training session to hundreds of developers.

Peter Cooper

CooperPress, JavaScript Weekly

I'm heavily involved in technical education both online and in the classroom. There are few, if any, educators I respect more than Todd. Even more impressive than his technical abilities is the amount of effort he puts into each and every thing that he does. When Todd releases something, I'm confident it's the best resource that's ever been created for that specific subject.

Tyler McGinnis

Partner, React Training

Todd was born with empathy and a gift for people who are born not knowing this stuff. He's not preaching from the mountaintop, he's down in the trenches, easing our path. I should know this stuff, but countless times I've run across his blog posts and been amazed at how much I learned. In his videos, he condenses his hard-earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process. You can feel that he genuinely wants you to learn, and that makes all the difference.

Sharon DiOrio

Lead UI Engineer, Angular GDE

You truly have a gift. Learned a lot from your blog posts/tweets but hadn't taken your courses until now. Thought I knew Angular basics, but 20 minutes into your videos and I wish I'd taken your course from the start! It's amazing. So clear and simple how you explain things, and how much I've learned and understood in such a short amount of time is unreal! No doubts this is the best possible material on the subject.

Christian Eckenrode

Full Stack Web Developer

I just got accepted for my first dev job a week ago. I'm not sure I'd have made it without learning from your videos, I still have a lot to learn but I passed the interview and my chances would have been a lot slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

Mateusz Sapielak

Front-end Engineer

I'm constantly impressed by the quality of Todd's work. I've been teaching Angular for years and I find that Todd is able to explain ideas clearly in a helpful, articulate way. Ultimate Angular is a fantastic way for you and your team to quickly get up to speed writing quality Angular code.

Nate Murray

Author of ng-book

Todd is an educator of the highest order. Very few teachers can break down Angular development concepts into such a digestable way. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, you will learn techniques from Todd that will be vital to your daily development. If you want to know Angular, take Todd's courses.

Chris Sevilleja


Hands down the best courses available for Angular. Just follow along and you will fall in love with Angular. What were once daunting concepts are not scary anymore, all thanks to Todd. Highly recommended.

Vatsal Pande

Full-stack Engineer

I was amazed with the deeply detailed content in his videos and you realise you were just touching the surface of Angular before. I highly recommend Todd to learn how Angular works and feel his passion doing professional videos. You don’t know Angular until you finish Todd's courses!

David Pich

Founder, AngularCamp

Todd is synonymous with excellence at a global level. His articles on Angular are some of the most comprehensive and well written on the internet. He's also always up-to-date and always knows exactly what new topic to create a solid course on, or blog about to help the community understand Angular very well.

Sani Yusuf

Founder, Haibrid

Todd has already proven his technical skill and teaching prowess by successfully teaching Angular 1 to the masses. Naturally then, he is the go to source for learning Angular.

Cody Lindley

Senior UI Engineer, Citrix

Todd is one of the most inspiring educators I have come across on the internet. I speed up my AngularJS learning by reading his in depth articles, watching recordings of his conference talks etc. He is highly approachable, replies to all angular discussions on tweets. In my opinion he is one of the smartest ng-developers. The best part about Todd is his friendly nature and ability to simplify a complex topic in simpler words. I am proud of him.

Dhananjay Kumar

Developer Evangelist

Recently ran through these videos and they are legit. If you're completely new to JavaScript, I wouldn't start here to learn Angular, but that's probably my favorite part about them. The beginner vids are Angular beginner, not coding/js beginner, so it doesn't waste time dumbing things down.

Noah Rodenbeek

JavaScript, Angular engineer

After working with Todd for a number of hours I realized quickly that I had made the right decision. Todd is not "just another developer". He writes beautiful code, has a solid understanding of core JavaScript technologies, and has set me on the path to becoming an expert as well.

Chris Lewis

Self-employed Engineer

Todd's articles have improved our angular development process and boosted our understanding of the framework. The best 'aha moment' that I had was his totally awesome angular style guide, 100% recommended.

Richard Roncancio

Front-end developer

While working on a Angular project some of the team members struggled with certain concepts. It was a no-brainer after reading about them on Todd's blog - a continuous source of the most up-to-date industry leading content.

Rentius Engelbrecht

Angular, Java Engineer

Over and over again I find myself reading Todd's articles whenever I search for answers to Angular questions. From the very basic and core concepts to more complex topics, his work is always well considered and understandable.

Chris Manley

Front-end Engineer

Absolutely fantastic course. Thank you so much for taking the time to pull this together. Self-paced, that goes through one built out solution from beginning to end to explain concepts clearly and concisely. Absolutely fantastic resource to learn the basics of Angular. Thank you Todd!

Jacob Cheriathundam

Development Architect

Please keep teaching! Really solid material in here, Todd explains everything really clearly. One big plus from the courses is that you don't build the typical todo list application through the course.

Alejandro Nanez

Senior Front End Engineer

Developers like me are starving for the knowledge you just served up in your new Angular course. I've spent over $1,500 dollars in the last 7 months (over 10 classes and weeks of time) trying to learn what you gave me in a single course. Don’t change the style on any of that, absolutely spot on.

Chris Milford

Tech Lead, Tata Consultancy Services

Todd is by far the best Angular master I've ever seen. The way Todd structures his courses, the quality and the way he explains them make the courses really incredible. He has given me the tools and knowledge necessary to build and maintain complex and professional Angular applications.

Juan Henriquez

JavaScript Engineer

Comprehensive and easy to understand course that does't make any assumptions about what you do or do not know. Because of this, I learned several new things about Angular, which are skipped over by some other courses on the web.

Joe Keene

Freelance Web Developer

An impressive instructor with great ability to communicate his knowledge. Updated and quality content. Unbeatable support. Totally recommended!

Francisco Reyes

Fullstack Engineer

Todd's Angular videos are comprehensive, super clear, easy to understand and go through all the topics you need to start writing Angular applications right away - love them. A great choice to get started learning Angular. And that awesome British accent just kicks it up a notch, hehe.

Jaime González

Engineer at Google

Todd is quite simply the best Angular instructor there is. The knowledge he has is unprecedented and he is well respected by his peers in the industry. The best thing about Todd is that he breaks down the content so that everyone is able to easily understand it. Most of all, his courses cover everything you need to know on how to build first-class Angular applications. I would recommend this to anyone, without a doubt!

Sebastien Pelletier

Tech Lead, iBwave

I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did producing your courses. I've learned quite some new cool things, like organizing my Angular apps, some good-to-know tricks using modern JS (Object.assign and the spread operator). I can't wait to see your Pro course!

Johan Chouquet

CTO, String'IT at CapFields

Todd has a knack for understanding where the learning bottleneck occurs when it comes to complex front end development topics. He helps people bust through this complexity by synthesizing information into approachable, easy-to-understand instructions. If you want to finally understand Angular (and JavaScript), I highly recommend you take his courses.

Ryan Chenkie

Product Owner, Auth0

This course is dope, top top stuff. It’s pretty hard to find in depth examples of the more complicated aspects of and nuances of Angular, but after having Todd explain with decent use cases the difference between certain lifecycle hooks or specific decorators Angular provides. I feel a lot more confident using Angular knowing what my code is really doing. Top video quality, good resolution, clear voice, interesting content, very easy to watch.

Mark McCracken

Front End Engineer

Todd does an absolutely amazing job breaking high level concepts into something simpler and easier to understand. I highly recommend Ultimate Angular to anyone looking to improve their understanding of core Angular material.

Houssein Djirdeh

JavaScript Engineer, Deloitte Digital

Todd's courses are incredible. They've helped to make our CMS highly performant, maintainable and changed the way we write our code. His AngularJS courses took our team's skills to the next level, and his Angular course just took us even higher.

Ben Brown

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Todd has the rare ability to keep his lessons approachable and consumable to beginners while providing enough depth for even the most advanced users. I cannot suggest his material enough, truly superb!

Brian Troncone

JavaScript Engineer

If you're thinking about learning Angular from somebody else, you aren't thinking very much my friend. Todd is a natural, and he doesn't just lecture, he reinforces understanding. Angular has a picture of this guy taped inside its locker.

Ken Wheeler

Director of Open Source, Formidable

Todd is an excellent developer who is able to break down complicated ideas into small chunks that makes it much easier to learn. He's always happy to take the time to help other developers and our industry is better for having him.

Jack Franklin

Senior JavaScript engineer, SongKick

Todd's comprehensive write-ups and the follow up discussions we had about various architectural aspects of Angular apps (code style, framework internals, performance tuning etc.) were really valuable and influenced the way I've built apps. Highly recommend him as a Javascript/Angular expert.

Michal Ostruszka

Scala, JS, Clojure Engineer

Todd's courses are all you need when it comes to Angular. When you are learning from him, you are learning from the best. His passion and level of competence shown in his videos, paired with his deep understanding of the framework leads to the utmost quality training package available, regardless of experience. It is a one-stop shop for all your Angular needs.

Kelvin Dart

Lead Mobile Developer

Todd is an excellent instructor. I attended one of his workshops where I learned a lot about components and architecture. I’m also using his ‘Ultimate Angular’ courses. To me it’s a real ultimate guide to Angular! I highly recommend it. Thanks Todd for all your contribution to Angular community.

Sherry List

Front-end Engineer

As a front end developer, getting up to speed on current and new technologies quickly and correctly is critical. Todd’s Angular 1.5 courses have been indispensable for getting things done, and done right. Straight into his Angular courses now, and wow. I only wish his courses had been available when I first started down the Angular road.

Stephen Smith

Founder, Alignsoft

After watching Todd's videos all I can say is 'WOW!'. Going in I was thinking, 'I know Angular, I've been doing Angular 1 & 2'. After watching them I am thankful that I did, they have provided me with a deeper understanding of how things work and allow me to take further advantage of this new information. Watch these videos even if you're already doing Angular development.

Mike Brocchi

Angular CLI core team

Todd really knows what he’s talking about. Not only has he enabled thousands to learn Angular, but he has been a key leader in the Angular community. His courses are easy to digest and follow. You can’t go wrong.

Chris Thielen

ui-router lead developer

Ultimate Angular is the best knock-down-drag-out resource for people wanting to learn more about AngularJS. Whether your just getting started with Angular or a veteran developer looking to learn the latest concepts this is a great place to get all the info you need!

Austin McDaniel

Software Architect, Swimlane

When it comes Angular, Todd is my number one recommendation for teaching us how to how to use it and to implement it in practical, organized, and in a well-architected way. I’ve been in web application development for the majority of my career. I’ve written consistently about it and published courses in my own niche of the industry, as well. Staying up to date and learning new technologies is tough, finding quality instructors is even harder.

Tom McFarlin

Runs Pressware, TutsPlusCode Editor

If I had to pick one person to learn Angular from, it’d be Todd. You’d be hard pressed to find many people who know more on the subject, who also have such a willingness to share their knowledge with the community.

Mark Dalgleish

CSS Modules co-creator

The best course I have ever seen! Thanks so much for the content, I look forward to the future courses on Ultimate Angular.

Gerson Junior

Front-end Engineer

Todd’s knowledge and content on Angular helped shape the way Ford (Ford Global UX) write Angular. We used his styleguide during projects, and his available resources were insanely helpful. Top notch.

Scott Tolinski

Founder, LevelUpTuts

Todd has excellent insight into, not just Angular, but how good Angular code should be written and can communicate this insight in a way that's easy to understand. Simply put, Todd has helped me write better, more maintainable code.

Casey Williams

JS/C#/SQL Developer

Todd's training was first class. Top content, very professional and superbly delivered - highly recommend.

Israr Chaudry

Executive, Leading Resolutions

Attended a workshop with Todd to tune up our Angular muscle, after a day's workshop things were far clearer. Should'a done it sooner.

Jordan Fish

Engineer, Enki

Todd's workshops and talks on Angular are some of the most popular at our events and they always receive positive feedback from attendees. His knowledge base and skill-set are second to none.

Louise Morgan

Future Insights

Todd is ridiculously talented! I wish his courses, workshops and articles were available back in 2012! Ultimate Angular is a fantastic platform for learning all things in the Angular ecosystem.

Jurgen Van de Moere

Senior Engineer

Todd is a semi-regular on my podcast, AngularAir, and he is one of the smartest Angular developers I know.

Jeff Whelpley

CTO, GetHuman