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TypeScript Basics

Online course with Todd Motto with Todd Motto

Take advantage of static types with the TypeScript Basics course, which will introduce you to TypeScript, common practices and the compiler.

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Todd brings a unique level of enthusiasm, activity and expertise to the Angular community. I love seeing all the things he creates for us!

Brad Green

Angular Product Manager, Google

I just got accepted for my first dev job a week ago. I'm not sure I'd have made it without learning from your videos, I still have a lot to learn but I passed the interview and my chances would have been a lot slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

Mateusz Sapielak

Front-end Engineer

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  • Setup and source files

    • Setup instructions Readme

    • Source files Readme

    • Resources and DefinitelyTyped Coming soon

  • Introduction

    • Course introduction Coming soon

    • Why TypeScript? Coming soon

    • Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript Coming soon

    • TypeScript and Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) Coming soon

    • Installing TypeScript Coming soon

    • tsconfig and CLI Coming soon

    • Running the TypeScript compiler Coming soon

    • Compiling Source Maps for debugging Coming soon

    • Hello World application Coming soon

  • ES6/7 and TypeScript

    • Using “let” and “const” Coming soon

    • Imports and Exports Coming soon

    • Arrow functions Coming soon

    • Shorthand Arrows and implicit return Coming soon

    • Default Function parameters Coming soon

    • Object literal improvements Coming soon

    • Rest Parameters Coming soon

    • Array and Object Spreads Coming soon

    • Destructuring Objects Coming soon

    • Destructuring and renaming variables Coming soon

    • Destructuring Arrays Coming soon

    • Template Literals Coming soon

    • The “for of” loop Coming soon

    • Using async/await Coming soon

    • Error handling with async/await Coming soon

  • Diving into Types

    • Number Type Coming soon

    • Boolean Type Coming soon

    • Explicit and Implicit Types Coming soon

    • String and String Literal Types Coming soon

    • Array Type Coming soon

    • Tuple Type Coming soon

    • Enum Type Coming soon

    • Any Type Coming soon

    • No implicit “any” Coming soon

    • Never Type Coming soon

    • Void Type Coming soon

    • Null Type and Strict Null checks Coming soon

    • Undefined Type Coming soon

    • Union Types Coming soon

    • Type casting and the “as” keyword Coming soon

    • The “type” keyword Coming soon

  • TypeScript Interfaces

    • Interfaces and optional properties Coming soon

    • Interface Functional Types Coming soon

    • Interface Array Types Coming soon

    • Interface Class Types Coming soon

    • Extending Interfaces Coming soon

    • Interface Hybrid Types Coming soon

    • Classes as Interfaces Coming soon

    • Classes static side Types Coming soon

  • Classes, Properties, Instances, Inheritance

    • TypeScript Classes Coming soon

    • Public, private, and protected modifiers Coming soon

    • Readonly modifier Coming soon

    • Setters and Getters Coming soon

    • Static Properties and Methods Coming soon

    • Instance Properties and Methods Coming soon

    • Abstract Classes Coming soon

    • Inheritance with “Extends” Coming soon

    • Inheritance and Constructors Coming soon

    • Interface contracts with “Implements” Coming soon

    • Classes as Interfaces Coming soon

    • Singletons and Private Constructors Coming soon

  • Functions with TypeScript

    • Function Declarations Coming soon

    • Function Expressions Coming soon

    • Function Type parameters Coming soon

    • Function Type parameters and Destructuring Coming soon

    • Function Generics Coming soon

    • Function Overloads Coming soon


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