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TypeScript Masterclass

Online course with Todd Motto with Todd Motto

The advanced side of TypeScript, comprehensively covered in digestable chapters, building out real-world examples.

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Todd brings a unique level of enthusiasm, activity and expertise to the Angular community. I love seeing all the things he creates for us!

Brad Green

Angular Product Manager, Google

I just got accepted for my first dev job a week ago. I'm not sure I'd have made it without learning from your videos, I still have a lot to learn but I passed the interview and my chances would have been a lot slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

Mateusz Sapielak

Front-end Engineer

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  • Setup and source files

    • Setup instructions Readme

    • Source files Readme

  • Introduction

    • Course introduction Coming soon

  • Exploring Index Signatures

    • What are Index Signatures? Coming soon

    • Restricted Index Signatures Coming soon

    • Multi-type Indexes Coming soon

    • Nested Index Signatures Coming soon

  • Namespaces

    • What are Namespaces? Coming soon

    • Defining a Namespace Coming soon

    • Nesting Namespaces Coming soon

    • Multi-file Namespaces Coming soon

    • Namespaces as validators Coming soon

    • Importing Namespace classes Coming soon

    • Needless Namespacing Coming soon

    • Namespaces versus Modules Coming soon

  • Modules

    • What are Modules? Coming soon

    • Internal versus External Modules Coming soon

    • Importing and Exporting Modules Coming soon

    • Undersatnding require() Coming soon

    • Structuring your Modules Coming soon

    • Dynamic Module loading Coming soon

    • Ambient Modules Coming soon

    • Shorthand ambient Modules Coming soon

    • Wildcard Module declarations Coming soon

    • Modules and global variables Coming soon

    • Module resolution Coming soon

  • Decorators

    • What are Decorators? Coming soon

    • Decorator Syntax and Factory Functions Coming soon

    • Creating a class Decorator Coming soon

    • Class Decorators and Constructors Coming soon

    • Property Descriptors and Method Decorators Coming soon

    • Property Decorators Coming soon

    • Parameter Decorators Coming soon

  • Generic Types

    • What are Generics? Coming soon

    • Generic parameter defaults Coming soon

    • Generic Functions Coming soon

    • Generic Constraints Coming soon

    • Generic Classes Coming soon

    • Generic Components Coming soon

    • Generic Tips and Tricks Coming soon

  • Advanced Types

    • Weak Types Coming soon

    • Using “instanceof” with Type Guards Coming soon

    • Using “typeof with Type Guards Coming soon

    • Polymorphic “this” types Coming soon

    • Declaration Merging Coming soon

    • Interface Merging and Module Augmentation Coming soon

    • Index Types Coming soon

    • Intersection Types Coming soon

    • Type Aliases Coming soon

    • Mapped Types Coming soon

    • Tagged Union Types Coming soon

    • Discriminated Union Types Coming soon

  • Mixins

    • What are Mixins? Coming soon

    • Creating a class Mixin Coming soon

    • Mixins with constructors Coming soon

    • Mixins with methods Coming soon

    • Composing Mixins Coming soon

  • Further Compiler Options

    • Basic options Coming soon

    • Strict Type-Checking Options Coming soon

    • Additional Error Checks Coming soon

    • Module Resolution Options Coming soon

    • Source Map Options Coming soon

    • Experimental Options Coming soon

  • Real-World Project

    • Real world project, 5-10 videos Coming soon

  • Bonus: JSX and React

    • Project configuration Coming soon

    • React integration Coming soon

    • JSX Tips and Tricks Coming soon


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