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What you’ll learn

Take your TypeScript expertise to the next level with a deep dive on Modules, Decorators, Generics, JSX, Mixins, Advanced Types, Generics, Type Guards and necessary features to fully master the language.

typeof and Type Guards 11:15

Todd Motto

Google Developer ExpertGoogle Developer Expert


  • JavaScript knowledge
  • TypeScript basic knowledge

Got accepted for my first dev job a week ago! Not sure I'd have made it without these courses. My chances would've been lots slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

Mateusz Sapielak

Systems Developer, Bravissimo

Todd was born with a gift for teaching. He condenses all his hard earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process. He genuinely wants you to learn, and that really makes all the difference.

Sharon DiOrio

Lead UI Engineer, Angular GDE

Todd is not your typical developer. He writes beautiful code, has a solid understanding of core JavaScript technologies, and has set me on the path to becoming an expert as well.

Chris Lewis

Self-employed Engineer

Ultimate Angular gives you an edge. Short bursts of knowledge that provide you a way to step up your game. I've gone from applying something to finally understanding what I'm doing.

Simon Dufour

JavaScript Developer, CGI

Crystal clearly explained concepts, meticulously designed examples and projects! Fantastically valuable courses overall!

Yiling Lu

Sr. Developer, Sierra Systems

Todd helps you overcome learning bottlenecks through approachable, easy-to-understand instructions. If you want to finally understand Angular (and TypeScript), you're in the right place.

Ryan Chenkie

Product Owner, Auth0

Here’s what's covered…

Everything you need, structured and ready to go

Overview, setup and source files (3 lessons)

  • Course Introduction

    Almost ready!
  • Setup Instructions

  • Source Files


Understanding and Typing "this" (4 lessons)

  • A "this" Keyword Primer

  • Exploring "this" with .call, .apply and .bind

    10:55 Watch lesson
  • Arrow Functions and Lexical Scope

  • Typing "this" and "noImplicitThis"

    06:38 Watch lesson

Type Queries (3 lessons)

  • "typeof" Type Queries

  • "keyof" Index Type Queries

  • "keyof", Generics and Lookup Types


Mapped Types (5 lessons)

  • "Readonly" Mapped Type

  • "Partial" Mapped Type

  • "Required" Mapped Type, +/- Modifiers

  • "Pick" Mapped Type

  • "Record" Mapped Type


Exploring Type Guards (4 lessons)

  • "typeof" and Type Guards

    11:15 Watch lesson
  • "instanceof" and Type Guards

  • User Defined Type Guards

  • Literal Type Guards and "in" Operator


Advanced Types and Practices (4 lessons)

  • Intersection Types

  • Discriminated (Tagged) Unions

  • Interfaces vs Type Aliases

  • Interfaces vs Classes


Modules (8 lessons)

  • Modules and Scoping

    Almost ready!
  • Importing and Exporting Modules

    Almost ready!
  • Default Module Imports/Exports

    Almost ready!
  • Dynamic Import Expressions

    Almost ready!
  • Relative vs Non-relative Modules

    Almost ready!
  • Module Resolution

    Almost ready!
  • Code Generation for Modules

    Almost ready!
  • Modules and Global Variables

    Almost ready!

Decorators (5 lessons)

  • Decorator Syntax and Factory Functions

    Almost ready!
  • Class Decorators and Constructors

    Almost ready!
  • Property Descriptors and Method Decorators

    Almost ready!
  • Property Decorators

    Almost ready!
  • Parameter Decorators

    Almost ready!

Declaration Files (4 lessons)

  • DefinitelyTyped and @types

  • Writing Declaration Files

  • Augmenting Modules with Declarations

  • Emitting Declaration Files


tsconfig and Compiler Options (10 lessons)

  • Include, Exclude and Files properties

    Almost ready!
  • Extending tsconfigs

    Almost ready!
  • Output Locations, Tweaks and Emitting On Error

    Almost ready!
  • Emitting Source Maps

    Almost ready!
  • Transpiling and Experimental Features

    Almost ready!
  • Understanding “lib” and ES libraries

    Almost ready!
  • Strict Flags for Enhanced Safety

    Almost ready!
  • CLI Output Tweaks

    Almost ready!
  • Enforcing Code Quality

    Almost ready!
  • Performance Bundling and tslib

    Almost ready!
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