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Online course with James Henry with James Henry

James is a JavaScript and Angular engineer. ESLint core team, specialising on the TypeScript parser.

  • Course Introduction

    • Welcome to TypeScript Pro
    • Setup instructions
    • Source files
  • Compiler Configuration In Depth

    • 06:46 The anatomy of the tsconfig.json Free preview
    • 05:20 Excluding files from our compilation
    • 03:11 Including files in our compilation
    • 04:47 Fine-tuning which files gets included Free preview
    • 05:40 Controlling when to output JavaScript
    • 05:11 Emitting declaration files
    • 04:10 Emitting source-maps
    • 05:41 Increasing the default type safety of the compiler
    • 05:28 Decreasing the default type safety of the compiler
    • 03:00 Allowing unreachable code and unused labels
    • 05:58 Using the compiler to enforce high quality source code
    • 08:55 Module scoping and the module option
    • 06:15 Module vs target and resolution strategy
    • 06:16 Configuring compiler CLI output
    • 06:55 TypeScript's relationship with strict mode
    • Advanced tweaks to emitted output
    • Fine-tuning type aquisition
    • Advanced output controls
    • Fine-tuning 'lib.d.ts' files
    • Configuring TypeScript helper inclusion
    • Advanced input file configuration
    • React and JSX options (.tsx files)
  • Advanced Type Constructs

    • 09:44 Typed `this`
    • 06:04 Type Guards
    • 08:14 Type Assertions
    • 04:40 Non-null Assertion Operator
    • 07:12 Intersection Types
    • 09:26 keyof and Lookup Types
    • 09:52 Mapped Types
  • Declaration Merging

    • Interfaces
    • Namespaces
    • Namespaces with Classes, Functions, and Enums
    • Module Augmentation
  • Type Declaration Best Practices

    • General Types
    • Callback Types
    • Function Overloads
  • Linting TypeScript

    • Different ways to use linter
    • Configuring rules and plugins
  • Bringing it all together

    • Reviewing Angular Source Code


Learn with James Henry, ESLint core team member working on the TypeScript parser. He’s a regular meetup and conference speaker around London and Europe, TypeScript mentor and open source developer.


Take your TypeScript expertise to the next level. We will explore how we can fine tune the TypeScript compiler and use it to actually improve the quality of our code, as well as how we can modularize our type definitions and compose them together in reusable ways. We will also take a much deeper look into some of the core philosophies of the TypeScript project itself, but without assuming a large amount of experience with statically typed languages.

The course will be completely independent of Angular, however we will bring together all the concepts we cover throughout the course by doing a deep-dive of the Angular source code at the end.

Every lesson is independent and bite-sized, so it is easy to jump in and out of the course and learn at your own pace, with every principle immediately applied to real world scenarios after each chapter in our “Code Labs”.

What you’ll learn

You will learn now only how to write Angular applications but to understand the underlying patterns and core APIs/syntax that drive the framework and how we can apply them. We will build out a non-trivial web application that utilizes a component driven architecture with container and presentational components to render data in the view as it comes back from our RESTful server. To get a complete picture of what we will be covering, check out the course outline for each video.

Please note: The course video list may be subject to slight changes until produced, but is a very solid representation of what’s coming.

If you're learning Angular, investing the time to go through this TypeScript course will pay solid dividends, both in leveling up your coding abilities as well as giving you valuable knowledge to help you understand how Angular is written, and what all the new syntax means.

Stephen R. Smith

Founder, Alignsoft

I really enjoyed your TypeScript course. I asked my company to get the Angular Ultimate Bundle for me and some colleagues and this course was the perfect introduction for the rest of the courses in the bundle. Great stuff!

Juan García Carmona

Senior Software Engineer

I have to say 'Well done, Sir!'. The course was exceptionally done. I will recommend your course to anyone interested in learning Angular. If they start with your TypeScript course, everything in Angular will be 10x easier.

Gary Segler

Senior Security Engineer

James has got a gift for breaking down big concepts and delivering them well. The TypeScript course is well presented and allowed me to get up to speed fast!

Jamie Baker

Co-Founder NexusLabs

Finally wrapped my head around TypeScript concepts. Must watch for every one who wants to understand Angular in depth.

Oleg Konyk

JavaScript Engineer