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By Todd Motto and Lukas Ruebbelke

Your guide to the Angular galaxy. Grow from beginner to Angular champion, choose the version you want to learn and start building!


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Hello RxJS

Come learn RxJS in this free course! We will start with the basic observable sequence and then start to add in a few key concepts so that we can actually build something with RxJS.

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Todd Motto

Based in England, UK. Todd is a Developer Advocate at Telerik, JavaScript engineer and Google Developer Expert. Creator of several popular open source projects, hyper-regular conference speaker and workshop trainer.

Lukas Ruebbelke

Based in Phoenix, Arizona. Lukas is a published author, award-winning developer, Google Developer Expert and Angular addict. He’s an industry educator, conference speaker, workshop trainer and avid course producer.

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Jason Moore

I have taken several angular courses from Lukas. As a designer looking to increase his knowledge of front-end development, I have found Lukas’ courses to not only be super easy to understand, but he has a knack for walking you along each step of the way with clear, valuable examples.

Geoff Goodman

Lukas is a constant source of clear and thoughtful content coming from his passion for web technology and his real-world experience putting it in practice.

Chris Lewis

After working with Todd for a number of hours I realized quickly that I had made the right decision. Todd is not "just another developer". He writes beautiful code, has a solid understanding of core JavaScript technologies, and has set me on the path to becoming an expert as well.