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  • Brad Green Angular Product Manager, Google

    Todd brings a unique level of enthusiasm, activity and expertise to the Angular community. I love seeing all the things he creates for us!

  • Tyler McGinnis Partner, React Training

    I'm heavily involved in technical education both online and in the classroom. There are few, if any, educators I respect more than Todd. Even more impressive than his technical abilities is the amount of effort he puts into each and every thing that he does. When Todd releases something, I'm confident it's the best resource that's ever been created for that specific subject.

  • Peter Cooper CooperPress, JavaScript Weekly

    Todd's articles and work lead the way in the Angular world, so much so he's become a regular feature in our JavaScript Weekly newsletters. We've also worked together on a very successful live Angular performance training session to hundreds of developers.

  • Sharon DiOrio Lead UI Engineer, Angular GDE

    Todd was born with empathy and a gift for people who are born not knowing this stuff. He's not preaching from the mountaintop, he's down in the trenches, easing our path. I should know this stuff, but countless times I've run across his blog posts and been amazed at how much I learned. In his videos, he condenses his hard-earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process. You can feel that he genuinely wants you to learn, and that makes all the difference.

  • Mateusz Sapielak Front-end Engineer

    I just got accepted for my first dev job a week ago. I'm not sure I'd have made it without learning from your videos, I still have a lot to learn but I passed the interview and my chances would have been a lot slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

  • Nate Murray Author of ng-book

    I'm constantly impressed by the quality of Todd's work. I've been teaching Angular for years and I find that Todd is able to explain ideas clearly in a helpful, articulate way. Ultimate Angular is a fantastic way for you and your team to quickly get up to speed writing quality Angular code.

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