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Angular 2 + TypeScript: Ultimate Bundle

Preorder the most anticipated Angular 2 course set. Limited numbers available. Become an Angular 2 and TypeScript expert from the ground up.

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I've worked with the world’s leading companies, from consultancy and workshops through to online courses. Reach out to me anytime for questions about the course, on twitter or by email.

Todd Motto

Based in England, UK. Todd is a Developer Advocate at Telerik, JavaScript engineer and Google Developer Expert. Creator of several popular open source projects, hyper-regular conference speaker and workshop trainer.

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  • Houssein Djirdeh JavaScript Engineer, Deloitte Digital

    Todd does an absolutely amazing job breaking high level concepts into something simpler and easier to understand. I highly recommend Ultimate Angular to anyone looking to improve their understanding of core Angular material.

  • Tyler McGinnis Partner, React Training

    I'm heavily involved in technical education both online and in the classroom. There are few, if any, educators I respect more than Todd. Even more impressive than his technical abilities is the amount of effort he puts into each and every thing that he does. When Todd releases something, I'm confident it's the best resource that's ever been created for that specific subject.

  • Peter Cooper CooperPress, JavaScript Weekly

    Todd's articles and work lead the way in the Angular world, so much so he's become a regular feature in our JavaScript Weekly newsletters. We've also worked together on a very successful live Angular performance training session to hundreds of developers.

  • Cody Lindley Senior UI Engineer, Citrix

    Todd has already proven his technical skill and teaching prowess by successfully teaching Angular 1 to the masses. Naturally then, he is the go to source for learning Angular 2.

  • Mateusz Sapielak Front-end Engineer

    I just got accepted for my first dev job a week ago. I'm not sure I'd have made it without learning from your videos, I still have a lot to learn but I passed the interview and my chances would have been a lot slimmer without Ultimate Angular!

  • Chris Sevilleja Co-founder,

    Todd is an educator of the highest order. Very few teachers can break down Angular development concepts into such a digestable way. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, you will learn techniques from Todd that will be vital to your daily development. If you want to know Angular, take Todd's courses.

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